The 8th China (Beijing) International Symposium of Optical Fiber Sensors Technology and Applications2019.02.19

dlt大乐透走势图 The 8th China (Beijing) International Symposium of Optical Fiber Sensors Technology and Applications

5-7 August, 2019

China National Convention Center, Beijing, China


The 8th China (Beijing) International Symposium of Optical Fiber Sensors Technology and Applications 2019 (OFSTA2019) will be held in Beijing on 5 to 7 August 2019. This year’s annual conference will focus on the application of optical fiber sensors technology in oil, electricity, coal, smart city and other industries, which consists of 6 technical sessions, 2 workshops, the showcases and a 3-day exhibition.  


·Convene top academic and industrial professionals from around the world to discuss advanced technology and industrial application, share the latest innovative achievements, debate new opportunities and challenges, analyze and forecast the trend of the market.

·Focus on market’s hot topics including optic fiber gyro, novel fiber optic sensing mechanisms, fiber optic sensor system technologies, and fiber optic sensor applications.

·The 3-day exhibition will serve as a platform for participants to announce and demonstrate latest products, technologies and solutions, meet with vendors and see their new products, find the business partners and explore overseas markets.

·Special events including technical sessions, workshops and showcases will provide the opportunity for in-depth discussion with experts and vendors.

Topic Scope:

1 Optic fiber gyro

1.1  Micro/nanostructured Optic gyro

1.2  Optic fiber gyro Interrogation  Systems  and Techniques

1.3  Integrated Technologies for Optic fiber gyro

1.4  Optic fiber gyro Reliability, Field Tests and Standardization

2 Novel fiber optic sensing mechanisms

2.1  Micro/nanostructured Fiber-optic Sensors

2.2  Fiber-optic  Chemical  and  Biological Biosensors

2.3  Novel Point based Fiber Optic Sensors

2.4  Novel  Sensing  Modalities  for Distributed Sensors

2.5  New  Fiber  and  Coating  Materials for Sensing  

3 Fiber Optic Sensor System Technologies

3.1  Sensor  Interrogation  Systems  and Techniques

3.2  Integrated Technologies for Sensing

3.3  Grating and Component Technologies for Sensing

3.4  Sensor Multiplexing and Large Sensor Arrays

3.5  Sensor Reliability, Field Tests and Standardization

3.6  Sensor/Actuator Systems and Sensor Networks

4 Fiber optic sensor applications

4.1  Special optical fiber, device and industrialization

4.2  Optical Fiber Sensing Access Network and Application Technology

4.3  Fiber Optic Sensor Engineering and System Integration Technology

4.4  Key components of optical fiber sensor network and its industrialization

4.5  Optical fiber sensing technology in civil engineering infrastructure monitoring applications

4.6  Application and industrialization of optical fiber sensors in petroleum, electric power and other related industries

4.7  Application and industrialization of fiber optic sensors in smart cities (security, environmental protection, etc.)


Special events:

· Technical Sessions:

S1: Optical fiber sensors technology applied in rail transit

S2: Optical fiber sensors technology applied in marine and environment 

S3: Optical fiber sensors technology applied in mining operation

S4: Optical fiber sensors technology applied in smart grid

S5: Critical optical component in Optical fiber sensors

S6: Optical fiber sensors technology applied in geological and hydraulic engineering

· Workshops:

W1: R&D exchange and cooperation, achievements industrialization

W2: Business Supply&Demand Matching

· Showcase:

Showcases of innovative products, technologies and solutions.   

Organinazing Committee



Chinese Society for Optical Engineering, CSOE

Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, SPIE


Optical Fiber Sensing Technology Committee, Chinese Society for Optical Engineering

Chinese Optical Fiber Sensing Technology and Industrial Innovation Alliance

Beijing Aerospace Control Instruments Research Institute

Wuhan University of Technology

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China


PANWOO Integrated Optoelectronic Inc.


RUIGUANG XINTONG Technology Co., Ltd

Wuhan Changyingtong Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd


Yanbiao Liao (Tsinghua University)

Weixu Zhang (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

Bao Xiaoyi(University of Ottawa)

Desheng Jiang (Academician, Wuhan University of Technology)

Wei Wang (Academician, Beijing Aerospace Control Instruments Research Institute)


Rao Yunjiang  (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.)

Yu Gang (China National Petroleum Corporation, BGP Inc.)            

Libo Yuan (Harbin Engineering University)

Liu Tongyu (Laser Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences)

Pan Jijun (CRSC Research & Design Institute Group Co.,Ltd. )

Wang Chang (Qilu University of Technology




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