• dlt大乐透走势图 www.zrqdtz.com.cn The 11th Photonics China Exposition

    5-7 August, 2019

    China National Convention Center, Beijing, China

    Optical Manufacture, Intelligent Future


The 11th PCE is sponsored by Chinese Society for Optical Engineering and China High-Tech Industrialization Association. This year’s annual conference will focus on the application of optics, photonics and optoelectronics in aerospace, aviation, rail transit, communication, energy and other fields, consist of 8 technical sessions, 5 workshops, the showcases and a 3-day exhibition, aim to promote the communication and collaboration in region and globe.


30000area, 600+ exhibitors and 37,000+audiences  

6 Themes

·Intelligent Information

·Laser and Intelligent Manufacturing

·Precision Optics and Photoelectric Detection

·Infrared Technology and Application

·Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit

·Laboratory Instruments and Equipment

·Global Innovative Technology&Entrepreneurial Projects


Special Events

·Awarding Ceremony
 PCE Global Technology Innovative Award

·Technical Sessions:

·International Photonics Industry Application&Development Summit 2019

·International Conference on Laser Intelligent Equipment Industry & Annual Conference of International Laser Technology Industry&Application Innovation Alliance  

·The 3rd International Conference on Optical Communication&Network

·The 8th International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensing Technology and Application  

·Infrared Industry Innovation and Application Forum  

·Future Display and Interaction Technology Forum

·High-end Optical Detecting Instrument and Application Forum

·Integrated Optoelectronics Innovation and Industrial Development Forum



·R&D exchange and cooperation, achievements industrialization.

·Business supply&demand matching.

·Innovative technology projects investment cooperation.

·Technology incubator and industry park cooperation.

·Labs procurement conference.


 Showcases of new products, technologies and solutions.


·Convene top academic and industrial professionals from around the world to discuss advanced technology and industrial application, share the latest innovative achievements and ideas, debate new opportunities and challenges in the future.

·The 3-day exhibition of 600+ exhibitors will serve as a platform for participants to announce and demonstrate latest products, technologies and solutions, meet with vendors and users from various industries, find the business partners and explore overseas markets.

Demo zone features live demonstrations of global innovative technology&entrepreneurial projects which will promote the industrialization of high-tech achievements.

·Special events including technical sessions, workshops and showcases will provide the opportunity for in-depth discussion with academic&industrial professionals from all over the world.

The 11th PCE will provide various technology services to promote Industry-University-Research cooperation and international collaboration

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