Infrared Technology and Application Exhibition 5-7 August, 2019 China National Convention Center, Beijing, China



Exhibition Scope

  • Terahertz technology and applications: Terahertz microscience, terahertz source and supermaterials, terahertz imaging system, terahertz spectrum, terahertz testing and scientific instruments, terahertz new materials, new structures, new devices, new processes, etc.

  • Infrared thermal imager, infrared detector, infrared night vision instrument, infrared camera, infrared intelligent high speed ball, infrared remote sensing, ranging and communication equipment and technology, vision system, infrared camera, imaging system, etc.

  • Infrared materials and devices: Infrared material, optical thin film, infrared lens, infrared window material, focal plane and other materials, infrared laser, infrared photosensitive diode, photoelectric infrared sensor, low light, semiconductor detector, focal plane detector, thermal detector, detector array, etc.

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